Our eggs are SOY FREE and contain no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).  We are now able to reliably purchase feed from a family-owned Texas mill that does not use these sensitivity-triggering ingredients.  The combination of our chemical-free farm and this new “clean” supplemental feed insures that your eggs will contain all the great stuff you love and deserve, with none of the questionable ingredients you wish to avoid.

Per dozen: $5
10-dozen punch card: $45
Subsequent cards: $40
Chicken Sponsorships: $60.

NEW CUSTOMERS: Please call and let us know you’d like to pick up eggs and we’ll set an appointment.  You may purchase one or two dozen eggs at a time, or purchase an egg card, good for 10 dozen chicken eggs, redeemed over time.  We’ll date your card every time you visit to keep track of your eggs received.

Thank you so much for your support of our farm, and local farmers across the region.

Please call us if you have any questions:

One dozen chicken eggs -$5


Ten-dozen punch card
- $45 (available February – November)


After you buy your first 10-dozen egg card, subsequent cards are only $40. Purchase those with this button:


Chicken Sponsorship

Nurture your very own “adopted” chicken for only $60: name her, visit her from time to time, receive a punch card good for ten dozen eggs, a personalized Sponsor Certificate, and future discounts.

Please call to schedule a time to pick up your eggs or to purchase a card in person: 214-284-9218.