Farm Tours

Children and adults alike love visiting the farm, meeting the animals, and learning all about farming.  We have a couple of ways for you to enjoy this unique environment:

Informal family visit – groups of six or less can come by the farm on the third or fourth Saturdays of the month, for $5 per family or group.  We’ll introduce you to the sheep, chickens, and dogs and answer any questions you might have during a 30-minute walking tour of the farm, weather permitting.  These informal tours are available from 10 AM until 2:30 PM on these Saturdays.

Ready to book your informal visit?  Please call Cindy at 214-284-9218.

Structured educational experience, perfect for school groups, child care groups, senior citizen groups, homeschool co-ops and others.  We offer weekday tours of 30 minutes to an hour and a half, include age-appropriate curriculum and hands-on demonstrations.

  • Babies and Toddlers: little ones get the most out of the farm with a 30 minute look at the animals and some hands-on experience with wool, tools, and plants. This is our shortest tour, perfect for little attention spans. Our grounds are stroller-friendly unless rain has made mud and boggy puddles.  Cost: $5 per child, adults are free.
  • Pre-school-Kindergarten: A little more explanation while visiting the animals, lots of hands-on encounters with fibers and the farm environment, and coloring sheets to take home to extend the fun. 30-45 minutes. Cost: $7 per child, adults are free.
  • Elementary Ages: More structured learning in addition to the walking tour, and hands-on experience with fibers, tools, and animals, with an educational booklet to take home.  One hour. Cost: $7 per child, adults are free.
  • Jr. High, High School and Adult: In-depth learning about each farm species represented at Jacob’s Reward Farm, hands-on demonstrations and activities using wool, fiber tools, and plants, with the completed projects and an educational booklet to take home. One and a half to two hours. $10 per child, adults are free.

With large, mixed-age groups, we can work out a custom tour and activity plan. Please call Cindy at 214-284-9218 to discuss your particular needs.

At a working farm there are areas that might pose hazards, so we ask that you keep your children very close and don’t allow them to wander. (Groups with preschool-aged children must include one adult for every two children for adequate supervision.)  For the same reason, we ask that you leave your pets at home.  Our insurance lady asks that everyone who visits the farm fill out this form and bring it with you.

Please dress appropriately for current weather conditions.  In summer, sun screen and bug spray will make your visit more enjoyable.  Closed-toed shoes are required for farm tours.

Because of our extensive workload in April, we cannot schedule tours during this month.  Also, the weather in July and August is extreme here in Texas, and our animals are not up for visitors during these months.  We would love to have you visit at any other time of the year!