Liability Waiver

Click on this link for the PDF version:  JRF Liability Waiver

Liability Waiver

NAME: ______________________________________ AGE: ____________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________

CITY/STATE: ________________________________________________________ ZIP: _____________

HOME PHONE: _________________________________________

BUSINESS PHONE: ______________________________________


I, _____________________________________, acknowledge that I understand that this is a working farm, with the attending inherent risks, and hereby indemnify and hold harmless, Jacob’s Reward Farm, and its employees or owners from any liability arising from accident, injury, theft, or damages to myself, my representatives, and helpers, all equipment and property, and all animals under my jurisdiction.  This agreement shall continue for each and every visit to the farm’s property.

If under 21, the parent or guardian must read and sign the above, indicating his/her acceptance.

Date: _________ Signed: _________________________________________

Date: _________ Signed: _________________________________________
Parent/guardian (if minor)